About Us

WE DO IT YOUR WAY! We bring our experience to your table.

Simply send us your artwork and even the beginnings of an idea of the sort of fabric you would like to use and we will start to make it happen.

We’re fast, flexible and competitive.

We’re here to make your job easier.

Our work is bespoke to you and your individual requirements. Ask for a Quote and you’ll receive a quote, bespoke to you, usually within an hour, – and if that’s not quick enough, simply pick up the phone.

When you call us you’ll speak to a knowledgeable person who will be able to assist, advise and quote your requirements.

We’ll de-mystify everything for you – measurements, artwork requirements, print methods – you don’t need to worry – we’ll hand-hold as much as you need without judgement.

We’re good listeners, creative marketeers and we work hard at being good people to do business with. We understand many of your challenges, after all, we run a business too.

We’re based in Cheshire and are now the premier BRITISH MANUFACTURERS of bespoke textiles.

We’re a privately owned company dedicated to training previously unemployed people and specialize in training 16-24 year olds. We have a strong belief in our town, our region and our country and, with your help, we aim to be ‘a force to be reckoned with’